Iphone pictures from Venezuela, July 2013

Venezuela Color Slide, July 2013

These pictures hardly capture the beauty of the  landscape in Venezuela. Best trip ever!

Iphone pictures from 2013

This spring I got an iphone, which has been a great instrument of photography.  I love the cameras on these things, and they work well for my disabled hands.  Instead of going for realistic looking photos, I tend to just make them look whacky and saturated. 

Consumption in 4 Colors, Serigraphy and Photography, 2012

Consumption in Four Colors is a series of color slide film photographs reproduced in 4 color process prints.  The theme is the cycle of the free market system.  The pictures were taken in New York and Austin Texas.  Though scans do not do the prints justice, zoom in to see appreciate the halftone dots.  This project was an enormous amount of work but the results are deeply rewarding. 

Montana Wedding, Summer 2012

Lake Tahoe, Winter 2012

CMYK Screen Print Big Pixels, May 2013

Black and White Analog - Brooklyn industrial areas 2011

Color Slide From Industrial Areas

I spent a lot of 2010 and 2011 using color slide film to photograph industrial areas in NYC, mostly sticking to the waterfront areas of Red Hook and Gowanus in Brooklyn.  I love the bright colors of the shipping containers and the eeriness of the deserted factories.